Sunday, March 30, 2008

Car Evangelization

A few days ago David told me that he had finally decided what he wanted to give me for my birthday. He asked me to meet him at our local Catholic goods store after work yesterday to help him pick it out. He said he would tell me the category of gift and I would choose the specific one I wanted. I loved the idea.

So we met at Immaculata (it's in the same building as our diocesan offices here in Charlotte) and, after a great chat with our friend Juliette about Catholic retail in general and Immaculata specifically, David led me to a display of front plates for cars. Here in North Carolina we only receive one license plate, for the back of the car. That leaves the front spot open. Most people leave it empty, but I've seen several interesting front plates displaying designs, catch phrases, and advertisements (for favorite teams and radio stations, for example). Ever since I moved to Charlotte I've been pining after a Catholic plate to put on my car. You just never know when a little nudge will help a person turn towards God! Car adornments are a simple way to evangelize.

We do take a little risk when we put Catholic or even Christian markers on our car, though. The silver Jesus fish on the back of my car was vandalized a few months ago. It looks like someone attempted to pull the whole thing off - but only the upper tail broke away. I left it that way as a sign that I'm not going to let someone's dislike of my fish/my faith intimidate me. Also, it seems more fitting in its brokenness - after all, Jesus endured brokenness so that I might have a faith worth advertising.

In the end, I chose this plate:

"Jesus I trust in you" over Divine Mercy image

Now the only thing I need is a pro-life bumper sticker or decal. I recently came across one at Aquinas and More Catholic Store that I love:

Aquinas and More Catholic Goods - For all your Catholic needs

Baby Rosary Shape Cut Vehicle Decal

Baby Rosary Shape Cut Vehicle Decal

In the end, the one who will be evangelized most by my car's Catholic notions is me. Lord, every time I think of them, please increase my faith.


Diane said...

I love it! What a nice gift, David!


Unknown said...

That David, hes a crafty one....

Cool idea, cool plate

God bless!