Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Teresa gets around

Here are four videos of Teresa's new mobility.

First, her first crawl...if you can call it that. She steps with one foot, drags the other leg, and cries the whole time.

And here she is standing at her musical table, cruising a little:

Now our little sugar plum goes after her ball:

I took a second video to try to get a better shot of her crawling after the ball, but she does some other amusing stuff instead.

Anybody know how to tighten outlets? My vacuum plug is forever pulling out of that one and others around the house.

Teresa's first "word"

Who needs real pets when you can watch an aquarium of fish on your computer? Ever since I changed my screensaver to 5 goldfish with a changing aquarium background, Teresa has enjoyed watching them swim around.

Yesterday morning, we watched them together and I told Teresa they were fish repeatedly. She stared at them and said, "tsch!"

That's cute, I thought. She can mimic the end sound of the word I repeated for her.

Hours later, I picked Teresa up and brought her over to the computer to watch the fish. Without any prompting from me, she said, "ish." Yay!

I was home alone, so this video is the best I could do while holding the baby.