Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Security in Charlotte

Hi all...David here. So thanks be to God, we have a loan and we'll be living in a house. One of the many priorities that need to be addressed will be the security system. Anyone have any good tips in addition to resources for companies here in Charlotte that are reputable. CPI was used by the previous owners, but after checking some online reviews, I'm hesitant about jumping into their services. It does seem that most of the companies will go through the cable line which is also different from when my folks had their security system.

Thanks and keep the prayers coming because we can't do it without Him.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Swimmin' and Splashin'

David took Teresa "swimming" in our apartment complex pool again recently. She seemed to feel very comfortable in the water (securely in his hands) and even smiled a few times.

Teresa has discovered the joy of splashing this month. In the following video David is wiping the water off her face and then she splashes more on herself unwittingly. :)

Speaking of splashing, it's definitely time for Teresa to start bathing in the big bathtub. Any tub seat reviews or tips you want to share?

Teresa got the hang of jumping

She loves jumping in her Jumpster. She especially loves jumping when someone's watching her jump and showering her with praise. ;)

Teresa standing supporting herself

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lunging for food

Teresa is showing high interest in the food we eat: she loves to lunge for it whenever it is within her reach. We're constantly pushing plates away when she's sitting in our laps at the table, but she has gotten her fingers in our food a few times. Here's a video of her going after David's treat:

Video from July 25

Due to Teresa's food sensitivities up to this point (I'm still not eating dairy or soy), we decided to delay the introduction of solids until she is at least 6 months old. Well, that's only 9 days away! I'm excited for this next step, sharing God's wonderful gift of food with Teresa and letting her experience all the delicious tastes and fun textures.

Don't worry - ice cream bars will not be on her food list for a long, long time! I'll probably start with rice cereal after her well baby visit on August 18th or after we move into the new house August 22nd. Yay!

Playing with her feet

Many a parent has told me, "wait until she starts playing with her feet." I didn't fully realize what entertainment value these appendages have for babies until Teresa got comfortable holding on to hers. Pretty neat!

Video from July 28th

High five

David called me in to see this. I was very impressed.

He did it again at the table the next day. Then, just to see what she would do, David held a large flat object in front of Teresa and said, "high five!" Yep. She reached out and touched it, too.

So she doesn't discriminate when non-people/non-hands want a high five. Good girl. ;)