Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lunging for food

Teresa is showing high interest in the food we eat: she loves to lunge for it whenever it is within her reach. We're constantly pushing plates away when she's sitting in our laps at the table, but she has gotten her fingers in our food a few times. Here's a video of her going after David's treat:

Video from July 25

Due to Teresa's food sensitivities up to this point (I'm still not eating dairy or soy), we decided to delay the introduction of solids until she is at least 6 months old. Well, that's only 9 days away! I'm excited for this next step, sharing God's wonderful gift of food with Teresa and letting her experience all the delicious tastes and fun textures.

Don't worry - ice cream bars will not be on her food list for a long, long time! I'll probably start with rice cereal after her well baby visit on August 18th or after we move into the new house August 22nd. Yay!