Thursday, July 28, 2011


At Cyprian's 2-month well baby visit, he weighed 13 lbs, which puts him over the 70th percentile for weight. He is also quite long, although I don't think their measurement was entirely accurate. Overall, he is in great health and developing excellently. The only concerns from the visit were persisting thrush (which has since improved) and a mild case of head flattening. I asked our nurse practitioner whether she thought it was problematic and she said it was apparent but not too bad. She highly recommended positioning Cyprian's head when he sleeps by rolling a towel or blanket and placing it behind him to prop him in one direction or the other. She also mentioned that, as he gains greater head control and spends more time upright while awake, the flattening should decrease.

Shortly thereafter, I got the Bumbo down from the attic. I had intended to wait until Cyprian was 3 months old to try it, but he's so big and seemed to tolerate being sit up I let him try it out at 2 1/2 months. Here's the very first time I sat him in it:

Not bad! I let him build up neck strength with a few short sits each day and now he enjoys up to 20 minutes there maybe 3 times a day.

Teresa loves having him accessible, down on her level. "Mama, I'm tall!" she says, standing beside him.

She covers him with affectionate touches and head-bumps, talks to him, brings him toys, and generally just entertains him by being herself when he's sitting there. Oh how Cyprian loves to watch his big sister!

Our little king on his throne!

Standing and vocalizing

Cyprian plays footsie

Because I haven't posted something in a while, here's a video to get the ball rolling:

Friday, July 8, 2011

Cyprian smiles and coos

I'd been trying to no avail to capture some of Cyprian's smiles and coos on camera for over a week. Today I hit jackpot! For your viewing pleasure...