Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cool dudette

Teresa, Teresa, yogurt eater

July Garden

The garden is producing very little this month; it was nearly decimated by the June heat wave we experienced here in Charlotte (in the 90's for several weeks). I've pulled up everything but the tomato and zucchini plants (which are still bearing here and there), the cantaloupe, and the beans (which are still in the ground only because I'm collecting seeds for next year).

1.5 hours of labor and 3 hours of simmering later, I had my very own homemade pasta sauce. I was very disappointed to see that 14 tomatoes only made half a jar of sauce. Fortunately, it tasted very good - sweet and fresh!

Harvest of carrots. Some were molding in the ground, so I had to pull them all up. They may be small and funky looking, but they taste great and are keeping in the fridge just fine.

The mystery volunteer plant (that God planted and I watered) turned out to be a cantaloupe! This one is almost ready to bring in and slice, and there's another one growing, too. :)

From garden to plate: homemade pizza with sliced tomatoes and basil; steamed zucchini and carrots.

My four little butternut squash. Two are hand-sized and two are barely bigger than small. I haven't baked them yet.