Saturday, January 28, 2012

Teresa said

Perhaps Teresa has partaken of too much media and not enough outdoor time lately?

Papa, planning the day's activities: Okay, let's hike the stroller-friendly trail at McDowell at 10. Leaving here at 9:45. Go team!
Teresa: Alright! Let's watch some trailers!


I've been talking with Teresa about eating "growing food" and the difference between children and adults.

Papa: Can you make me breakfast, Teresa? Can you make me pancakes?
Teresa: No.
P: Eggs?
T: No.
P: Orange rolls?
T: No.
P: Biscuits?
T: No.
P: Toast with cinnamon?
T: No! I'm not bigger. I'm growing up! {pause} You're grown ups. You can make orange rolls yourself.