Saturday, May 17, 2008

You know you're married when...

I have this unhealthy desire to hug my pillow, especially after a long day. (Yes, I know I’m losing manhood points, but this is worth it.) So, after a long day, I’m sitting on the couch hugging my pillow, which my wife knows is a security blanket substitute, and she sits down next to me and puts her foot on my pillow.

I gave her a withering look. “Is your foot on my pillow?”
After a small pause, a defiant smile crept upon my wife’s lips.
I continued, “Lift up your leg and I’ll move my pillow up.”
She complied.
I flipped the pillow over so as not to smell possible lingering foot odor and the uncovered part of the pillow ended up near my face.
Frances’ eyes narrowed and she lifted the uncovered pillow away from my face. “Don’t get your face oils on the pillow.”
“Are you instructing me on how to hold my pillow?”

Without warning, she lunged for the pillow with a wicked grin. She pulled gently as if testing me, but my mind reeled from the fact that my wife was trying to take my pillow away from me. (How dare she!) She pulled; I pulled back.

Inward struggle revealed: I was giving too much attention to the pillow as I was holding it. It was attention that she wanted. She was demanding that attention. The long day’s frustration was revealed in our eyes as they began to tear up.

I relinquished the pillow. “I love you.”

Within two seconds, she smiled and put the pillow back on my lap (open end away from my face…).

In the memorable words of Garfield: AAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

A more visual representation of today's post will be portrayed by Linus' struggle with a certain beagle.


Diane said...

It seems like I remember some earlier discussions about pillow fighting??? Does this mean she's caving on that point?

Frances said...

I'm not "caving," Mom - but I do graciously allow some pillow bopping now and then. ;)