Saturday, July 12, 2008

Good news of great joy!

We're pregnant! We went for an ultrasound and saw the little one for the first time yesterday. The baby is looking good and has a very strong heartbeat (183 beats per minute!).

Due date: February 25.

We're almost 8 weeks along. I've experienced nausea and headaches since week 5, but I've learned what helps (ginger tea and lots of other fluids, eating first thing in the morning, sleeping more) and am feeling a bit better lately (thanks be to God!).

David and I are truly grateful to God for the gift of this child and we ask your prayers for a successful pregnancy and delivery! Thank you. :)


drhussain said...


I know this will be most unexpected entry but i sincerely pray Allah that he gifts you with a healthy baby who will make your life happy

Melissa said...


Every time I click over to your blog it's with hope that I will see this happy announcement! Praise be to God! I am SO happy for you!

Frances, I know you asked me a while back about "The Business of Being Born." I'm terribly sorry to say that, while I intended to reply promptly, it slipped my mind and I only now remembered! Although I haven't seen it, I'd still be happy to answer any questions you have, or just "chat". Please feel free to e-mail me ( if you like!

I can't stop smiling! :)

Prayers for you and your little one!

Devin Rose said...

Congratulations, Francis and David!

Diane said...

I'm so happy for you both and I will continue to keep you (and my grandbebe) in my prayers every day!


Shannon said...

OH my goodness, oh my goodness!
I am so very very very happy for you both!
I have been checking in to see when this would be announced! OH, Frances, I'm praying this a safe and wonderful pregnancy for you. God is good!

This is wonderful!!
be assured of my continued prayers....

*carrie* said...


This is indeed wonderful news. Congratulations to you and David!

Adam said...

Congrats again on the baby! We are so happy for you and will be sure to pray for you.

We are especially happy that our baby will have someone to play with then they are both born! How fun would that be!!!

God bless you two (three)


Lillian said...

YEAH!!!! Congratulations!! I am soooooo excited for the both of you!! Nausea is always a good sign. Praying for you and your little one. My first was born in February.

p.s. I saw the Business of Being Born and really enjoyed it. Although, I already agree with everything the movie was saying. This baby will be my 4th midwife birth, 3rd birthing center birth. I can't say enough good things about midwives!!

Anonymous said...

Frances and David,

We are so happy for you and pray that this will be a safe and uneventful pregnancy that will result in the birth of a healthy baby that will be much loved!