Sunday, November 2, 2008

Belly shot: 6 months

Here I am at 24 weeks, undeniably pregnant. :)

Actually, yesterday a store clerk was so bold as to ask me when I'm due. When I cheerfully replied, "February!" he congratulated me and shared that he has 5 children. Now, I've read a lot about parents of many children receiving less-than-pleasant comments from others, but my first real experience of it came when this clerk's coworker looked up from his computer and said, "Did you say 5? You need to get a TV."

"We have 3 TVs," the clerk quickly replied.

"Well, you need to watch one."


I wish I could have come up with something clever and overwhelmingly affirming of the blessing of children, but I am grateful to the Holy Spirit that I at least took the opportunity to show my support by saying, "5? That's wonderful - we hope to have many, too."

The top I'm wearing in this picture was expertly sew by my mom. She really does fine work!


Shannon said...

you look so wonderful!!! i love the top and jeans! so stylish!

*carrie* said...

Very cute, Frances. I'm impressed that your mom sewed that nice shirt. I plan to take a profile shot tomorrow--after our ultrasound. Woo-hoo!

Jen said...

Awe. Cute pregnant shot. I bet the comments keep rolling in at this point. Hopefully they'll all be nice and supportive.

Trisha Q said...

Congrats! The time goes quickly. We're due December 23. The Holy Spirit always comes through. I try to make a point to affirm families with multiple children.

Anonymous said...

Frances, you should keep a notebook of all the comments you get. "Are you done yet?" "Haven't you figured out what causes that?" and so on and on and on ... pray for the people who made the comments and ask God to give you His response.

The TV comment is especially interesting in light of this recent study: ""

God Bless (from Mays Landing)

Katherine T. Lauer said...

Ooo, what a nasty comment by that coworker! Now that we're about to have our second, I receive comments like, "Great! And if it's a girl, then you'll have the perfect family!" That always gives me an opportunity to say we'd love to have either gender and hope for a big family.