Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pregnancy Update

Deo Gratias, everything's going well! Compared to some other women's experiences, my pregnancy is an "easy" one. Although I have my share of little woes, they aren't much to complain about.

On Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) I went to the OB for my glucose tolerance test. I actually enjoyed the drink, which tasted like condensed orange soda (the carbonation helped). While we waited for an hour to pass we got to meet with the Certified Nurse Midwife I like best (of the three we've met). I asked her to help me understand exactly why my due date was changed from February 25th to February 15th and she explained that the new date was actually set back at my 8-week ultrasound (when Teresa was just a little bean) and confirmed at my 19-week "anatomy" ultrasound. Although I'm still inclined to answer "mid to late February" when people (frequently) ask me when I'm due, I now know why the OB thinks she'll come closer to Valentine's Day.
If Teresa chooses to wait longer, I will hold my ground against induction for as long as possible.

I also asked the midwife if she had any tips for preventing or alleviating the back pain I'm experiencing daily now. She gave me a helpful brochure with exercises to strengthen my back. I'm trying to sit conscientiously (especially when I spend many hours in front of the computer for work) and change my position often. But every afternoon or evening that nagging pain in the right center of my back returns and
usually doesn't leave until I get in bed at night. I use my hands or a vibrating massage bug to put pressure on the painful muscles.

After drawing my blood, the clinician told me that my glucose tolerance results would be in Monday and no news is good news. When we got home I received a phone call informing me that my hemoglobin level is low (9.4) and I need to be eating more iron-rich foods. So David made us steak that night. :) It's now Wednesday and I haven't heard from the OB again, so I'm assuming I passed the glucose test and do not have gestational diabetes. :)

I do experience a bit of heartburn at night and some digestive troubles now and then, but that's about it. David would add that I also have wild hormonal mood swings, but I don't know what he's talking about. ;)

Teresa has become very active - or I've become more sensitive to her movements. Either way, I feel her bucking, rolling, kicking/punching, and stretching often - I've even started feeling her feet in my ribs, as my sister described with her pregnancy a few weeks back. The movements are not bothersome and haven't kept me awake at night yet. Sometimes it can be a bit disconcerting when my belly "does the wave" or I'm repeatedly poked while trying to concentrate on a conference call or something. But I usually put my hand on my belly and she goes still. I enjoy sharing the experience with David, who has gotten to feel a lot of movement under his hands and his cheeks (he likes to put his face up against my belly).

My first nursing shirt (ordered during a Thanksgiving sale) arrived yesterday - it will be a cute part of my summer wardrobe. I look forward to collecting some more nursing-friendly tops as I prepare for Teresa's arrival.


*carrie* said...

Thanks for these updates, Frances. Glad things are going pretty smoothly for you and Teresa!

Shannon said...

i'm only just checking on after a little blogging break.
You look adorable! Baby looks good too!
Prayers for a continued blessed pregnancy!