Saturday, June 13, 2009

Quick Housing Update

I haven't thought much about blogging lately, mostly because we're putting so much mental energy into the search for and choosing of a home to purchase. The seller of the Killingdeer house refused to come down much from his asking price, which we believe is more than the house is worth. My dad visited us earlier this week and I took him to see the house, which he confirmed is in need of much work. Therefore, we ended negotiations with the seller on Tuesday and returned to house hunting. I believe it is providential that we did not end up with the Killingdeer house...God surely has something better for us in mind. Now, if only we could determine what that is, and soon!

Here's an opportunity for you to help us: do you or have you ever lived in a house with one large living space? How do you use it? How do you keep it tidy (especially considering children's toys)? My second choice house has a split bedroom plan (master on one side and two other bedrooms on the other side) and a long great room with the kitchen off to the side. The great room has a window, a fireplace, and a sliding glass door to the backyard. There's a chandelier over the dining area, and the rest of the room is wide open.

David is wary of buying the house because he's not sure how we would configure and use the great room. Will doing all of our eating, sitting, playing, computer time/working, learning, and family prayer in one room build our unity as a family or drive us crazy?


Adam said...

Sorry to hear about your first choice house! God has much greater things in store for you three!

As far as the one large living space, I haven't lived in a house like that, but I would imagine that strategic spacing of furniture would allow you to make the room feel like there are distinct spaces. For example, placing a long couch between the eating space and living/sitting space would help to create some division.

Just a thought! Thanks for the updates, we will be praying for you all!

Diane said...

When we build our retirement dream home, it will have a great room. The house we live in now thankfully has a large kitchen and that's where we spend most of our time. I agree with Adam that you can easily put your furniture in groupings to differentiate space in the room. As long as you also have bedrooms for the quiet time, I think a great room is great!