Thursday, July 30, 2009


This is the kitchen sink in the soon-to-be-ours house. Cosmetically, it looks just fine. I can get over the fact that it isn't stainless steel. But there are two things about it that really bother me:

1. Situated against the end of the counter, it has no counter space to the left.

2. The left-hand side of the sink (the one with the garbage disposal) is really small.

I have to rethink the way I use my kitchen sink now. In our apartment, I prefer to have dirty dishes (that can't go in the dishwasher) stacked to the left of the sink. I don't like putting them in the sink unless they need a soak. But if I put them to the right of the sink, where will I put the dish drainer? Can it sit on the top counter ledge without falling off?

And how will I do dishes? Currently, I wash in one side and rinse in the other. But that small side doesn't look like it will accommodate the rinsing of large dishes. My mom suggested washing in the big sink by starting with just a little soapy water and rinsing over it to increase the water. I'm afraid I still won't have enough space to rinse big pots and such. Maybe I could use the sprayer (lift the spigot) and rinse from a greater height to accommodate large items.

Finally, what good is that little side with the disposal? What can I do in it besides rinse off food gunk into the disposal?

I'm open to any and all ideas, especially from anyone who has worked with a sink like this. Thanks!


Katherine T. Lauer said...

Frances, I love the way you think. You and I must have similar temperaments. Seriously, I think out every single minute step to common procedures. You should have seen how long I had to think out how I would get a toddler and a baby into the car, out of the car and into a grocery cart, back from the grocery cart into the car, then back into the house while unloading groceries. I figured it out step by step, in which order each thing should be done and why. I truly don't understand sanguines and their relaxed attitudes about things like the right way to wash dishes!

Katherine T. Lauer said...

To answer your question, I think that I would stack dishes to the right of the sink, scrape the food into the small side, then wash them and rinse them in the right side of the sink (in the wasteful water way, which is what I do anyway). Then I'd dry them . . . wait, I'm seeing more of a dilemma. Boy, you really are in a pickle. Can you take a photo or provide measurements of the ledge above the sink, the area to the right of the sink, and tell us where your dishwasher is located? (On the bright side, this is a good problem to have compared to how women in huts in Africa have to "wash" dishes, you know? I like having American suburban housewife problems. :)

Adam said...

Solution 1:
1. Clean off any preliminary junk into left side sink.
2. Stack all dishes to be hand washed in right side sink.
3. Plug left side sink with a bit of hot soapy water.
4. Use aforementioned hot soapy water to wash dishes over either side of sink.
5. Rinse dishes individually before placing on towel or rack on the counter to the right of the sink. If you would prefer to rinse all dishes together, collect soapy dishes on towel or rack on the counter then replace into sink of hot water after they are all washed.

Solution 2:
1. Convince David that it is now his responsibility to do the dishes.

Solution 3:
1. Buy a new sink.

I am assuming that things are moving along nicely with the purchase of this home? Should I start trying to free up certain weekends to help you three move?

Frances said...

LOL! Your responses are great, Katherine. I'm going to have to ask you about the baby + toddler in-and-out-of-vehicle procedure when that time comes for me!

You are totally right about the silliness of our "problems" compared to what many women around the world face every single day. Thank you for reminding me of that!

To answer your questions, the dishwasher is directly below the counter to the right of the sink. And although I won't be able to measure the ledge until we're in the house, I believe it is only 6 inches, which isn't wide enough to balance the dish rack very well.

Adam: I'm fond of each of your offered solutions! I must say that David has done his fair share of dishes around here. And we've both considered the possibility of a new sink, though we'd be limited by the countertop space allotted for it unless we did a major renovation (which is NOT in the plans). It looks like we'll make the big move on Saturday, August 22nd, and we'd love your assistance if you're available!

I'm sure we'll come up with a creative solution to this concern of mine! I really appreciate everyone's input. :)

Diane said...

Okay, I have to add my two cents: First, I think you are, as usual, overthinking this issue way too much. Second, if you don't wait until you've used every single plastic bag you own before rewashing them, you won't have that big of a counterspace issue. And third, how about a rolling cart at the end of the counter for additional counter space? Cheaper than a sink! Lastly, I bet you can find or somehow make (think cake rack) a dish rack that will fit the small sink so you could use it to drip dry a few dishes now and then. At least you have a dishwasher for most of the dishes!
Love you, Mom

WOOD said...

I don't understand sinks like that either, so I can't help! Maybe we should ask the designers what the heck they were thinking...