Thursday, April 22, 2010

Teresa says

At 14 months and 1 week, Teresa is starting to say a few more words. She's not very verbal yet, but here's what she does say:

dada = Papa (she has said "papa" very clearly once)
tsch = fish
kock = sock
suss or sssss = Jesus
dis = this
dat or datssss = that (usually, "I want that!")
hi deh = hi there
caw! = bird (the sound a bird makes)
bah = bye
ah dah = all done
kuck = duck
dass = dance
boppa = Bop It (which she loves to dance to)
mun = I'm hungry, I want to eat that (an extension of mmmm, but we have no idea if it's supposed to sound like an actual word)

Note on the picture: that evening Teresa spilled her water on her tray, played with it, and then rubbed her hands in her hair - so David just added a little style to her creation ;)


Diane said...

That's my smart grandbaby #2!

Katherine T. Lauer said...

The language explosion will probably happen in the next four to eight weeks. It's really exciting.