Thursday, December 30, 2010

Baby Boy Clothes

Have you heard the news? We're having a boy. *squee!*

Way back when Teresa was a newborn, a nice lady in my parish offered me all her baby clothes. Sadly, she said she was done having babies and wanted to clear out storage space. Whatever her reasons, I gladly accepted the offer of clothes: 2 large bins of mostly boy clothes, sizes 0-9 months. Even though we couldn't use the majority of them for our beautiful little girl, it felt right to receive them. And lo and behold, my friend had a baby boy a few weeks after Teresa and needed clothes; I let her borrow both bins! A year later my sister-in-law was expecting a baby boy, and I made the transfer of clothes from friend to sister-in-law. Now our nephew is outgrowing some of the clothes and his mommy sent a binful back to me on Christmas day.

I love to inventory things! So today I laid out all the 0-3 months clothes and the 3-6 months clothes from the bin. Then I went up in our attic and pulled all the gender neutral clothes out of our 0-3 and 3-6 months bins. Here's a picture of the results:

Amazing! I'm still 4+ months away from welcoming our son (God-willing), and I already have most everything he'll need to be comfortable for the first 6 months. For example: in 0-3 months I have 26 short sleeve onesies, 15 footed sleepers, and 8 hats. 9 sleepers and 7 sleep gowns in 3-6 months. At least 6 cotton blankets. Ha ha!

There are just a few gaps/needs to fill, at my current estimation:

0-3 months

  • long sleeve onesies
  • soft shorts
3-6 months
  • long sleeve onesies
  • short sleeve onesies
  • tshirts
  • soft shorts
  • top/bottom outfits
layette "other"
  • thick fuzzy boy blanket (microfleece?)
  • boy Boppy cover
I know I will be constantly seeking nice/dressy clothes for our little guy to wear to church as he grows. But we can keep him in comfy sleepers until he's 3 months or older, right?


Shannon said...

i think I missed the boy announcement!!! HOW EXCITING!!! CONGRATS!

Katherine T. Lauer said...

What fun! I *love* taking inventory. People in retail shop jobs complain about taking annual inventory, but I secretly think I'd love it!