Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What's in the name: Cyprian Joseph

Here's a little background on why we chose the name Cyprian Joseph for our son.

St. Cyprian of Carthage was a third-century bishop and martyr. Nothing is known about his birth or early life in Africa; the wealthy, famous orator was in the prime of his life when an aged priest encouraged/inspired him to convert to Christianity and to embrace chastity and poverty. His election as bishop followed shortly thereafter and he valiantly led his flock and defended the faith through several persecutions and controversies before he was beheaded. David is particularly drawn to the fact that Cyprian was an Early Church Father and martyr. The texts of many of his letters, treatises, and other short works are available to this day.

First of all, we just like the name Cyprian and the Catholic heritage it conveys. Cyprian is a rare name (I doubt we'll meet another when we're out and about) and yet church-going Catholics will not be entirely unfamiliar with it because Cyprian is part of the list of saint names in the First Eucharistic Prayer (aka, the Roman Canon) the priest prays at Mass when he so chooses (and our priest does so often!).

We ask St. Cyprian's intercession for our Cyprian. Perhaps the Lord will deign to give our boy some traits for which St. Cyprian is noted: a dignified and cheerful temperament; the gifts of eloquence, administration, and energy; and an ability to write with "beauty of style" - simple, fervent, and sometimes poetic. Yes, these two English majors will be quite pleased if Cyprian learns to write well!

Cyprian is pronounced "SIP-ree-en" and that is what we will call him - not CJ, not Rian, not Ian or any other derivative.

We honor the foster father of Our Lord Jesus Christ, St. Joseph, with Cyprian's middle name. David's middle name is also Joseph, and he has a special devotion to the quiet, faithful, servant-hearted husband of Our Lady.

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Oh, and just in case you are worried that our Cyprian may be the first in a (hopefully) long line of Roman Canon named babies...I can assure you we aren't planning on a Linus, Cletus, Clement, Sixtus, Cornelius, or Chrysogonus. ;D

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Katherine T. Lauer said...

Well, I really like the name.

Now, friends, get back to me about when you want St. Gerard's meals started so I can get the request out to my ladies! ;D