Tuesday, January 29, 2008

First unsteady step: Humility

First, I must thank you for reading. It's amazing to observe and then participate in this blogging arena which our culture has adopted. I attribute blogging to the lack of "community feel" western society encounters in day-to-day existence. I feel blogging is one way for those who want to reach out and share. So, for those who are reading this, I am grateful that you are willing to explore and catch a snap-shot of our life.

Now, my wife is an avid blog reader and has fully integrated herself into this new community. I, on the other hand, feel like a waddling toddler being led by his mother's hand into a room full of talking adults. With expressions of confusion and amazement, the little toddler lobs his head around at the people sharing with each other. He wonders at the different tones, pitches, shrills, mutterings, and occasional silence. With unsteady steps, he grips his mother's hand tighter and moves further into the room, constantly feeding off of her secure presence.

Yeah, that's me and our heavenly Mother.

With most new ventures, no matter what my age, I have a tendency to revert back to an egocentric, infant-like approach. Then with God's grace, I grow beyond myself and then reach out to those around me. So, please excuse me for the baby talk. In time, I'll start giving like a grown-up, but for now, I like being His child.

So I leave off with a wonderful prayer that has kept me grounded in His love for weeks now: the Litany of Humility. For those who have read St. Teresa of Avila's Interior Castle, I have found that her words ring true: "And so I repeat that it is a very good thing - excellent, indeed - to begin by entering the room where humility is acquired rather than by flying off to other rooms. For that is the way to make progress..."(p14, May 2004). I find that when I embrace my dependence upon God and aspire to love others, I can truly move forward. Thus, I hope to do that with this first post. Thank you and I love you, brothers and sisters in Christ.

(All glory to God and all corrected grammar and punctuation to my wife.)

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The Heart of Things said...

Great reading your first entries! Welcome to the blogosphere!