Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Free Rice Vocab Builder

I've always enjoyed building my vocabulary. In high school I made flash cards to run through during lunch period. In college I became a hardcore Boggle player. Now I play FreeRice. It's a neat premise: the nonprofit website provides a vocabulary building "game" and uses advertising fees to donate rice to hungry people (via the United Nations World Food Program). The more words you match correctly, the more you're contributing to end hunger in our world.


Adam said...

I would feel bad if I didnt know any of those words and couldnt help people with rice

Frances said...

Adam, there are 55 levels of vocabulary - from beginning readers to advanced scholars. The first time you play, it figures out your level and gives you appropriate words. Smart!

Adam said...

Ahhh that's a good idea.

Good thing it doesn't take rice away if you get it wrong lol!