Tuesday, February 5, 2008

NFP Evangelization

At Mass this Sunday David and I sat behind a beautiful, large family. The mom had a new baby and I counted eight other children with her. In observing them in the past, I've admired the second oldest daughter's spirit of reverence. She seems to balance tending to her younger siblings' needs and remaining focused on the Mass very well.

After Mass, our pastor offered the blessing of throats, as is the custom on St. Blaise's day. Due to the large number of parishioners waiting in line, David and I chose to stay in the pew and say our after-Mass prayers. The mother of the large family noticed us and introduced herself and her husband to us. Then she introduced us to her two-month-old daughter (her 11th child) and another young mother standing in the aisle.

Here's the best part: Mom-of-Many proceeded to encourage Young Mother to learn about Natural Family Planning. She took a bag full of Couple to Couple League brochures and other materials (does she carry them around in her diaper bag?) and handed them to Young Mother, explaining that she could contact an NFP teaching couple for further instruction. Young Mother gladly accepted the materials and said she had heard about NFP from a friend and was curious. Mom-of-Many turned to David and I and said she was sure we were familiar with NFP. While I stood silently nodding my head (I was awestruck at this awesome moment of evangelization), David affirmed our love of NFP.

I want to be that kind of Catholic - the kind that demonstrates in word and lifestyle the joy of following the Church's life-giving teachings.

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