Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Air bags (not the kind you're thinking of)

While putting things away after our trip, I tried to return a "bag of bags" to the hall closet. They had served us well for various purposes (holding clothes, wet towels, clean dishes, and more). But their "home" on the closet shelf was too chaotic for me to stand any longer. I try not to get any new plastic bags when I shop (aren't reusable bags great?), but we still have quite a collection of various sizes, which we use for all sorts of things around the house and in the car. I've wasted far too much time looking for the right size bag in our pile, so I sorted them into regular (grocery bags), newspaper (long and thin), large, small, and deflated air sack.

See them at the bottom of the picture? Long ago I figured out that cutting the top of those air sacks that cushion shipped goods makes them into durable and oh-so-handy little bags. I like that they are clear (so I can see what I put inside of them), small, and waterproof. When I travel I use several to organize my toothbrush, toiletries, hair ties, and jewelry. They also protect books well.

Best of all, they're free!

I'm including this post in Shannon's "Works-For-Me Wednesday" roundup of tips and ideas. Go explore what other bloggers have to share if you have the time!

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