Saturday, October 11, 2008

Nifty furniture

Deo gratias! A very generous family from our parish offered to donate a combination changing table/dresser to a family in need. The Director of Stewardship approached me after Mass one morning and asked if I would be interested. Indeed I was! So we made all the arrangements and the piece of furniture came to its new home last night.

The dresser unit is a really nice, sturdy, functional piece of furniture. The family kept mentioning that it is a Bellini, a manufacturer with which I was unfamiliar. But a quick search online led me to discover that this item is worth up to $900! It's a unique design - the "Retractable, oversized changing surface allows you to change the baby from head to toe, not from the side like most changers. The top powder shelf allows generous storage for toiletries, while a lower shelf allows easy access to diapers. When your child is out of diapers, simply retract the slide top and attach the top molding (included) to use this piece as a three drawer dresser with three open shelves."

Now I just need to wipe out the drawers and I'll finally be able to put away all the cute little clothes and cloth diapers I've been collecting and receiving as gifts (thanks, Beth, Patty, Mom, and Grandma!).

I'm especially jazzed about the pull-out changing surface, but I'm not 100% on the huge pad - are those smaller, contoured pads better for keeping a little one in one place during a changing?


Diane said...

Very nice! I like the set up very much! I think a smaller pad would make room for some of the stuff needed at changing time, like ointment, powder, pins, lotion, etc. I might even be able to find the pattern (plastic canvas) to make you a caddy for those items like I used if you are interested.

*carrie* said...

That is so great, Frances! What a neat piece.

We use a contoured pad on top of N's dresser--the tricky thing might be how you "attach" it to the dresser to keep it stable. (Ours has attached straps that nail to the back of the dresser.)

Lillian said...

When they are little, it doesn't matter whether you use a contour pad or not. They don't move around too much when first born. Actually, I never had a contour pad until my 5th. So I don't see it as a big deal. I kinda like all the room you have to change your little one.