Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Works for Me: Swap a DVD

If you find yourself needing to trim down your DVD collection for any reason (desire to simplify, change of tastes, lack of space, etc.) I highly recommend Swap a DVD. While Ebay and require pricing, marketing, and maintenance if you want to individually list and sell your DVDs, Swap a DVD is as simple as typing out the UPC on the back of your DVD, waiting for an email that it has been requested, printing off and taping up a very basic mailing wrapper, and sending it off. For every DVD you send, you receive one credit, which you can then use to request a different DVD you desire (or would like to give as a gift) from someone else.

For first time users, simply listing 10 DVDs will get you a free credit. If you're interested, go through one of the links above (or use the button on our sidebar) and I'll get a credit when you sign up. (If you do this, let me know and I'll thank you personally.)

In the time we've been members (6 months?) I've sent off over 10 DVDs and the recipients have always responded promptly and with gratitude. I've also acquired some great DVDs for our collection: 4 prenatal yoga DVDs, The Sound of Music, and The Fellowship of the Ring extended edition. Our wish list is long but promising. Who knows - maybe you'd like to part with something we'd like to have. Go try out Swap a DVD today!

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Unknown said...

I think this looks like a good idea : ). Thanks for sharing. We have SO many that we don't watch anymore. Have a blessed day!