Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Day

Holiday gatherings now offer an additional joy: numerous people to hold Teresa!

After a late night (poor, fussy Teresa kept us up until 2 am! I think it was the caffeine in the 2 glasses of sweet tea I drank that day) Teresa and I slept in while David went to morning Mass and took Communion to a homebound parishioner. After a simple breakfast of Rice Krispies with strawberries and rice milk, I baked the gluten- and dairy-free chocolate chip cookies David had gotten for me. They were fabulous!!

While David tackled a mountain of dishes, I put Teresa in her sweet purple dress and then got her situated in the Snugli David was wearing backpack-style. She is still a little small for it (according to the instruction) but I was supervising her, we only kept her in it for an hour, and she seemed quite content therein (she fell asleep and stayed asleep despite the constant movement and clatter).

Around 2:30 we headed over to David's sister's fiance's parents' house (six degrees of separation?) where we've also celebrated the past 2 Easters. When I wasn't nursing her, Teresa spent most of the time in the arms of her nana, aunts, and friends. I loved being able to admire her cuteness while not holding her constantly.

Teresa's good spirits continued that evening and she "went to bed" at 9:30 and slept over 5 hours. I ate a bit of chocolate (dairy-free but did contain soybean oil) yesterday, so we'll continue to watch her diapers for negative effects.

Hooray for holidays!


*carrie* said...


I'm glad to read some updates--and to hear that your "dietary sacrifices" seem to be having a positive impact. Blessings to you!

Wood said...

I like that last picture. She's starting to come into her face now!! :)

(Which I mean that in a good way... when babies look less newborn-y and more like the people they are growing into. :) )

Diane said...

Thanks for the great photos and updates on Teresa. She is growing more beautiful every day. Keep up the good work, you two!