Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Vigil

God's graces were flowing during the Triduum. David and I took Teresa to the Mass of the Lord's Supper on Holy Thursday and she slept through the whole thing.

On Good Friday, while David worked, I watched The Passion of the Christ (as is my custom) while Teresa nursed, slept, and played quietly. Then I took her to the Good Friday service and she slept the entire 1.5 hours. We went home for supper (lentils and rice for me - another tradition) and then returned to church for an absolutely beautiful Tenebrae service. Once again, Teresa slept through it all. I was amazed and delighted. I praised God for the change in Teresa's temperament and the healing of her digestive tract we were witnessing. The sacrifice of the elimination diet was bearing fruit, and I savored it.

Still, I kept up my prayers that Teresa would also sleep through the Easter Vigil, at which I was scheduled to read two of the seven first readings. She had another great day on Saturday, but when it was time to leave for church, she was not sleepy. We dressed her up really cute - perhaps the fabric irritated her? She started crying before the service began, and I stayed in the church to nurse her while the congregation processed in with their candles. Then I left her with David to take my place at the front. My first reading, Genesis 1:1 to 2:2, went off without a hitch. Several readings and psalms later, I thought we just might make it. But, during the fifth reading, Teresa started fussing. David took her out to check/change her diaper and try to calm her, but she cried in the hallway. I felt terrible! I was stuck at the front of the church, unable to help. I love serving as a lector, but can I really balance it with caring for my baby? I wondered.

I read my passage from Baruch, sat through a responsorial psalm, and then, as soon as everyone stood for prayer, I bolted to the back of the church. I ended up missing several readings, the homily, and initiation/sacraments of the catechumen while I nursed, changed, walked, and bounced Teresa in the hallways, bathroom, and cry room. Finally she was quiet and I returned to David's side for the last portion of Mass.

The Easter Vigil is usually my favorite liturgy of the entire year, and I was sad to miss out on experiencing it all with recollection. However, it was our true joy to be able to celebrate Christ's resurrection with our beautiful daughter, whom we hope will come to know, love, and serve Him as we strive to do.

Me: "What do you think of your cute outfit, Teresa?"
Teresa: Sigh.


Shannon said...

Oh, Frances... thank you for this post! I loved hearing about your first Easter with your sweet little one!
You are such a good mom... it shines through your posts!
God bless you!

Shannon said...

and p.s. you are totally a natural chatting with Teresa... just had to let you know!!!