Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A little prayer goes...

It's amazing how just spending a few minutes in prayer with Frances can really make a difference in our marriage. Besides the grace the prayer imparts, there is definitely a shared intimacy in its pure expression as Christopher West puts it: "into-me-see."

When I pray, I open everything up to the Lord. I become vulnerable. It allows me to share all of me with Frances who reciprocates. The unifying result makes such a difference, and it's a visible difference reflected in the innocent eyes of Teresa, our daughter. She may only be 11 months, but she bares a two-tooth smile in recognition of the joy we share during and after prayer.

It's not always easy getting together to pray during a busy day, but we realize how important it is. We are always looking for new prayers, books, or suggestions to share the Lord with each other and Teresa. Do you have any suggestions?


Diane said...

There's always singing praise songs! "When you sing you pray twice." ;) And I bet Teresa will sing along in her own voice!

David said...

Great idea Mrs. Diane! A piano in the house is sure setting up the mood for it.