Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pantry pickup?

I found out via a Charlotte mom's blog that our local healthy food store, EarthFare, is currently offering a "Pantry Makeover" to people who want to try to eliminate high fructose corn syrup (HFC) from their diet. I signed up on their website and printed out my voucher. Then I raided our fridge and pantry for some items to exchange.

I went in with:
1 jar of Welch's grape jam (with about a tablespoon of jam left in it - David makes his PB&Js with this)
1 bottle of A & W root beer (with about a cup of soda left in it)
1 bottle of Wishbone salad dressing (expired...and I had two of them!)

I came out with:
1 jar of EarthFare organic blueberry conserves
1 bottle of EarthFare vitamin-enhanced water (lemon lime flavor)
1 bottle of EarthFare organic salad dressing (Sesame Goddess)

= $9 worth of products, free!

Although I was disappointed about the vitamin water (I thought we'd be able to get a non-HFC soda, like Hansen's Root Beer, which I had once before and loved!), I am THRILLED about my conserves and salad dressing!!! I have "blueberry preserves" on my personal wish list because I quickly finished the jar my mother-in-law gave me when she returned from a vacation in the NC mountains last year - it was absolutely delicious on my waffles! But they're expensive - the EF jar is normally $6 - so I held off on getting them for myself. What a treat to get them for free!

And the Sesame Goddess organic salad dressing (made with tahini and lemon juice) will be a nice way to add some healthy, tasty fat to my diet. Yay!

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