Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bike riding with Mama

David and I found this bicycle with a child seat attached at a yard sale for $10. It's obvious that the seat is old, but everything is in very good condition. I gave the bike a bath and an adjustment, filled its tires, bought Teresa a helmet, and we were good to go.

Ready to ride?

When her helmet arrived, Teresa was very excited and wore it around the house. She let me put her in the bicycle seat without any fuss and seemed to enjoy our first ride.

Let's go find some yard sales!

We've gone out maybe 5 times total, and 3 of those were yard saling trips on Saturday mornings (I can hit more yard sales in the surrounding neighborhoods riding the bike than I could pushing Teresa in the stroller). Lately Teresa is not as fond of the bicycle; I think she gets tired of killing time at the yard sales while I shop!

I don't wanna!

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