Wednesday, September 15, 2010


She's a fiesty one, our Teresa. Lately she's taken to yelling "Stop!" at David and I when we're doing something she doesn't want us to do (like working on the computer or putting on her pants). Only, she's not so good at putting the "s" sound at the beginning of words, so it comes out "Tops!" Which makes us laugh. And then she laughs at us. Not good.

So we've started time-outs. Right now we're sitting her on the floor in the guest bedroom and making her stay there for one minute. After the fourth time or so, she started obeying. When the time is up, we look her in the eyes and say, "You don't yell 'Stop' at Mama or Papa. Tell Mama you're sorry." And she says "sowwy." I doubt she understands much of this, but we're developing a habit. Baby steps towards discipline, right?

Miss Defiant herself


Robina said...

cute. I went to hear Dr. Ray Guarendi (spelling??) speak at the Eucharistic Congress spoke about parenting and discipline and he said something like (not a perfect quote)...discipline without love is harsh but loving without discipline is child abuse. I don't repeat it well, but he is such a great speaker and author about discipline.

Katherine T. Lauer said...

Yeah, love Ray Guarendi too. Those pigtails are so darned sweet.