Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A notable day

This little cutie-patootie, at 20 months of age, had a very good day. She wore the same pair of panties from morning to naptime and naptime to bedtime. She let me know every time she needed to go potty, with only two or three false alarms.

She did wet her diaper during or right after her 2.5 hours nap this afternoon, but that's okay. She was very excited to get her "panties back on!" after I cleaned her up.

Something curious happened in the evening: Teresa (who had been eating and eating all afternoon), spit up a little on a book she was holding. I saw her do it and immediately said, "Are you okay?" She put the book on the table between us and ran out of the kitchen. I cleaned the book and then followed her all the way back to our bathroom. This little girl who has never thrown up, never received instruction in the proper place to throw up, and never seen anyone else get sick...she was standing over the toilet and coughing into it! Nothing happened, but she asked to go potty so I set her on the toilet and she went. How did she know to do what she did?! The only thing I can think of is that she has seen David and I spit into the toilet, and she figured she was spitting. What a clever little girl.

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Katherine T. Lauer said...

That is so great about potty training! Yay!!! Mary has totally reverted, from being fully potty trained, including overnight, at 19 months, to now fully back in diapers and refusing to cooperate at all. I am SO confused and distressed. I hate it. Why did I bother doing Elimination Communication from three months old? All our progress just vanished.