Monday, November 1, 2010

Wiping washer

Teresa was finished eating supper, but I was not. So I tried to think of something interesting to occupy her (so she'd stop asking me to sing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" - she calls it "Bitsy" - or trying to climb in my lap). The dryer buzzed and I decided to have her start emptying it into the laundry basket. She can usually do that for a minute or two.

She was thus occupied when she decided she needed to wipe something. She came back into the kitchen. "Wipe... Wipe... Wipe." She walked up to the pile of clean cloths I keep on a short cabinet and picked up the top cloth. I got up and followed her, curious as to what she was going to wipe.

This quiet video reveals her mission:

I always leave the door of the washer open for a day or so after it's been used. It needs air to dry out. Although I should clean the door and gasket more often, I only do it rarely. So it's been a long while since Teresa has seen me do that. This girl just has the urge to clean sometimes!

The other day her little blankie got a spot of something on it. She brought it to me, "messy!" I told her it was dirty and needed to be washed. She got a cloth and started wiping her blankie. Let's hope this desire and initiative sticks around until she's old enough to do real chores!


Diane said...

Slave driver! Actually, she's quite focused on her task. Good girl!

David said...

child labor laws? She also does table tops and windows.