Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Eatin' Zucchini

I recently took David with me to the Farmer's Market so he could experience it himself. He picked out four little zucchini. David definitely prefers vegetables raw, while I generally prefer them cooked (at least a little). Since we've been married David has probably eaten more cooked veggies than he ever wanted to, and I have slowly but surely been learning to buy, store, and serve raw veggies.

I've crunched through my fair share of carrots and celery over the years, but I can only remember eating raw zucchini once before this past week: in a delicious avocado/zucchini salad with lime juice and cilantro. When David sliced up a zuke (people call cucumbers cukes, so why can't we call zucchini zukes?) and served it with dip, I tried it . . . and liked it!

I'm getting so used to the idea that, when I was looking for a snack last night, I grabbed a zuke out of the fridge, poured myself a little dab of ranch dressing, and went to town. Why bother slicing?

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*carrie* said...


I don't think I've ever tried a raw "zuke!" I'm with you--coking is preferred.

We went to our local farmer's market last week--all they had so far was rhubarb, lettuce and fresh herbs--it's quite early in the season around here.