Saturday, June 21, 2008

Working from home

This week I had the privilege of working from home one day. I'm happy to report that the experience was fabulous! I began the day somewhat concerned that I would not be self-disciplined about getting a lot of real work done, but prayers for my productivity and some encouraging conversations after Mass that morning set me off on the right foot. After a nice breakfast at my own kitchen table (a rarity these days, when I often set a bagel or muffins in a napkin on my lap and nibble while I drive to work after morning Mass), I set up the laptop on that same table, connected to our wireless internet, and worked away.

Perhaps this adventure was made easier by the fact that David was gone for 13 hours (working at the hospital) and I couldn't let myself be distracted by wanting to hang out with him. But the best part of working from home (besides not having to drive the long commute or pack two meals with me) was being able to spend my little breaks doing practical things around the apartment, like running the dishwasher, wiping down the microwave, and picking up a package from the apartment office. I got to welcome David home with an empty dishwasher, clean countertops, and a complete cooked meal (already divided into meal packs). Most days he's the one welcoming me home and starting dinner.

I felt so fulfilled after my day of working at home. I got to take care of my home AND be productive for my job (among other things I researched the Baltimore Catechism and wrote back cover copy and a preface for the editions Saint Benedict Press will be publishing this summer).

Working from home will be a rarity for me, but I will treasure those opportunities until the day when I can be at home full-time taking care of any children the Lord may bless us with!

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