Monday, June 9, 2008

Pen Pocket

This summer David is keeping busy. He usually works two shifts at the hospital as a nurse aide (work he finds very fulfilling). He is also putting in 90 preceptorship hours over several weeks (mostly in 12-hour shifts) - this means he is practicing nursing under the supervision of a preceptor. Finally, David is still giving much of his time and heart to the Mass in the Extraordinary Form now offered weekly at our parish. He facilitates fun training sessions for a group of boys who want to serve at the Latin Mass (which he has now done four times).

Because I believe in David and the types of service that God is calling him to at this time in our lives, I try to do what I can to support his efforts and reduce his stresses. One simple (and fun!) thing I did recently: sewed "pen pockets" into the pockets of his nurse aid scrub tops. His fancy nursing student scrub tops came with these slender compartments for pens and he quickly discovered how useful they are. He lost two pens from the open pockets of his other tops "in the line of duty," as he said.

I purchased matching thread, measured the compartments on the student tops, marked the distance with a washable fabric pen, and sewed the simple line three times. David is satisfied and I am hoping that this project jump starts me for some more sewing this summer.

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Diane said...

Looks great! Yes, you should do more sewing, it can be relaxing if you don't take on the most complicated patterns :)