Saturday, August 16, 2008

Anniversary celebrations

These are quite overdue, but I want to post a few more pictures from our visit to Spokane. David and I celebrated our first anniversary (August 4) while we were there and our parents graciously treated us to dinner and a movie. The Dark Knight was not as scary as I thought it would be (I was just going along because everyone else wanted to see it, but I didn't end up burying my head in David's shirt too many times). And dinner at P.F. Chang's (a first for me) was fun and delicious (I especially enjoyed trying all the dishes we ordered, family style).

The lovebirds with their free anniversary dessert

My mom and I

All of the family except my sister and her husband, who live in VA but are actually in Spokane right now!
(Dad, brother, sister-in-law, Mom, me, David, and sister)

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