Saturday, August 23, 2008

Super Savings Saturday: Baby Clothes

Okay, so maybe I shouldn't have dropped my "no buying baby things" rule so soon...

A day or two ago I had a vague thought that I might visit the Assistance League Thrift Store this morning to see if they had any maternity clothes and, perhaps, to glance at their baby things. Well, David and I ended up driving to the 9 AM Mass in separate cars (he went to swim first), so I took the opportunity to stop at the store afterwards. I was somewhat surprised to see women lining up at the door (it opened at 10 AM, so I had just a few minutes to wait). But a sign on the inside door explained the crowd: "End of Season Sale: 90% off all clothes." Jackpot!

Do you think it was the Holy Spirit prompting me to go to the thrift store today?

Alas, their maternity clothes rack was bare, and the women's clothes were slim pickings. So I made a bee-line for the still moderately stocked baby clothes racks and started piling clothes into my basket. My criteria: cute, clean, no tears, no stains. The girls' outfits were especially nice looking and abundant, but I tried to get a fair number of boy things, too. With the prices so low, I reasoned I could "shop ahead" and chose items up through size 2T.

The wait in line was long, but oh-so-worth-it. A nice fellow shopper even helped me pull all my items off their hangers. In the end, I had claimed 60 items, most of which rang up for 10, 15, or 20 cents. The most expensive item, a Laura Ashley dress set (3-6 mo), was 40 cents. Grand total: $9.97.

With such an abundance, I'm eager to share with my sister or anyone else in need. I can't wait for baby to come and wear these clothes!!

My only regret: I got so overwhelmed by the clothes that I forgot to look for socks and shoes, which were also on sale. Bummer!


Janet said...

Wow! Now that is a great thrift store find. Congrats on the deal and the baby. :)

Adam said...

Holy cow thats alot of baby clothes. And I thought Diana and I were doing good to just buy a couple outfits to keep our sanity and remember why we are suffering lol

Looks like some good finds though!

Unknown said...

That is wonderful!! What a blessing. I love baby clothing deals like that - when I was pregnant with our second, I hit up a garage sale with 25c and 50c tables. I cleaned them out!!

Diane said...

Overwhelming! Beth liked seeing Nemo. Looks like you got a very nice variety. Super shopper!

*carrie* said...


WOW--that does indeed qualify as creative provision. I am so excited for you!

Shannon said...

look at all of those great baby clothes!!