Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Woes and Blessings of Vacation

Sorry for the absence - we just got back from our long-anticipated vacation to eastern Washington state.  We flew to Spokane to enjoy the company of my family there and join them for a weekend up at my parent's river property.


  • wonderful hospitality and generosity on the part of my parents
  • a lovely morning spent with my dear friend Julie and her family
  • lots of delicious, comforting food that we didn't have to prepare ourselves
  • relaxing "do nothing in particular" days at home
  • a successful run to the thrift store for maternity and baby clothes (can't do much better than 50 cents per item!)
  • a beautiful weekend at the river, complete with family & friends time, water sports, ribs, Mass at a "country" church, and an Indian powwow
  • playing games (verbal and board) and doing crossword puzzles (Sudoku for David and Dad)
  • watching movies (including "The Mission," which is heart-wrenching and inspiring)
  • sharing the joyful news that my middle sister, Beth, is expecting a girl (her 18-week ultrasound revealed little Arianna to us) 
  • getting really sick the second day of a week-long visit and staying that way the entire time
Explanation:  no, not morning sickness (thanks be to God, mine has all but vanished since week 9).  David and I both got sniffles which turned into full-blown congestion, sneezing, coughing, aches, and exhaustion.  We ended up taking David to Urgent Care for an antibiotic prescription for his sinus infection.  We believe that several factors converged to make us miserable: we were on three planes for a total of 8 or more hours on the way there (small spaces + sick people = sharing viruses), we were exposed to unfamiliar allergens in Spokane, the daily temperatures were abnormally low (lows in the 50s to highs in the 80s), and the air is virtually humidity free there, so it continuously sucked the moisture from our bodies (we are used to high humidity - we even run a humidifier during nights to counteract the drying effect of the air conditioning).  By day 3 I was feeling so lousy that we called our health insurance's nurse hotline to ask what medications I could safely take during pregnancy.  Benadryl got the okay and it helped me sleep a few nights, but I couldn't take anything to relieve my daytime suffering.  Thanks be to God, my family was incredibly understanding.  They rearranged their plans and refrained from complaining about our condition the entire time.

I look forward to posting some more pictures and stories soon.  For now, here is one of David and I:


Diane said...

Your visit was definitely a blessing for us. It was sad that illness found you both and took root, but we sure hope that won't deter you from returning whenever you want to! It was still lots of fun; just wish we could have done more!

We love you both, Mom

WOOD said...

I sympathize with being sick while pregnant!! It is tough to just have to "deal" with the symptoms.
Hope you are both feeling better.