Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Teresa's actual birthday

Because Teresa's birthday fell on a Monday and a workday for David this year, we celebrated it the day before. But her actual birthday (St. Valentine's Day!) was still fun. Our friends Lindsay and Adelaide visited in the morning, which is always a treat.

The girls preferred to use the play tent as a sleeping bag:

Lindsay made room for 3 in her lap for storytime: Teresa, Adelaide, and Adelaide's baby brother, due around the same time as Teresa's little brother!

I dressed Teresa in her "Valentine's outfit": a red shirt with a bow and red pants with little hearts all over them. Her red slippers matched, too! :)

Here she is trying on the crown that came in a Valentine's card from her Nana. I adjusted it to fit better after this picture.

And here she is being, as David put it when he saw the picture, "so Teresa":

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