Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Teresa's 2nd Birthday Recap

Finally uploaded and went through the pictures and videos from Teresa's birthday party:

I dressed Teresa in her first outfit sized 2T: a beautiful, soft, pink babydoll top with leggings. Here she is before Mass, lying on the floor with her alphabet chart. She used to request that we play "octopus" frequently, referring to one of the images; I would quiz her on the images until she knew them all. Now she can identify about half of the capital letters correctly as well.

David took Teresa on a bike ride to the local elementary school's playground after her nap.

We had David's local family and Teresa's godparents over in the evening for supper and a simple party. Here's a video of Teresa playing with her new "winter animal" hand puppets (she especially loves the owl and the penguin) before she gets her cake, her song, and her singed lip...just watch:

And now she tidily eats her cake...or, should I say, her frosting:

Admiring the huge princess bag her gift from Nana came in:

Practicing with her new toy from Nana: a dual racetrack, aka "spiral speedway":

"Helping" Mr. Justin and Mrs. Jen put together her new two-step stool (now she can reach the faucet for hand washing, yay!):

All in all, Teresa had a very nice birthday celebration. She got excited about everything (the visitors, the cake, the presents) but not overly so. Deo gratias!

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Diane said...

Thanks for posting all the fun pics and videos! Congratulations Teresa! Awesome birthday!