Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Secret Signals

Every day I receive a marriage tip in my Bloglines feedreader from For Your Marriage, a Catholic marriage help website. The tips remind me to seek ways to love and serve my husband daily. Couldn't we all use some more "resources for living happily ever after"?

Today's prompt got me thinking:

"Do you have any secret signals that alert each other to a decision or preference when in a group of people?" Marriage Tip for 4/8/08

David and I have talked about establishing secret signals to let each other know when we have something in our teeth, we're ready to leave a conversation/room/event, etc. But we never got around to actually coming up with the signs. Any ideas?

And, if you and your spouse (or future spouse) DO have your signals established, what kinds of situations have they helped you communicate through?


*carrie* said...


This made me think of the book A Severe Mercy by Sheldon Vanauken. A powerful story of a special marriage!

WOOD said...

Michael and I made up a sign to say "I love you" in a crowded room. We just tug on an ear (our own) to let the other know!