Monday, April 28, 2008

We are Catholic nerds

My blogger friend Bill Donaghy created the badge above to unite all lovers of Catholic trivia and odd (only to outsiders, of course) lifestyle choices. He posted a fun quiz/checklist in this post and I scored highly (missed the reposition question - doh!). This one really made me smile:

9. You have Catholic mags in your bathroom book rack.

That's so us! The proof:

Yep, we have several issues of our diocesan newspaper, the Catholic News & Herald, and the National Catholic Register in our bathroom basket. The Register is a great source of world and Church news from a solid Catholic viewpoint. If you're interested you can get four issues free. And if you decide to subscribe, feel free to use our code: Q71377.

1 comment:

The Heart of Things said...

"Where two or three Catholic Nerds are gathered, there HE is in the midst of them."

I'm sure Jesus would approve of my paraphrasing! God bless you guys ;)

+ Bill