Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Veggie water

In this edition of Works for Me Wednesday I want to share with you one way I try to prevent food nutrient waste. We know that boiling and even steaming vegetables draws some vitamins and minerals out of the vegetables and into the water. Short of drinking the water, how can we utilize those nutrients?

First, I let the veggie water cool in the pot I used to boil/steam (usually it sits on the table or stove while we eat our meal). Then I pull my designated "veggie juice" container (lately I'm using a Cool Whip container) out of the freezer and pour in the new juice (veggie bits and all). Then I return it to the freezer.

Whenever I am making rice or soup, I pull out the veggie water to use. If I think ahead, I set it on the counter to thaw. If I remember last minute, I bend the container until the chunk of frozen veggie juice pops out into my big measuring cup and microwave it. Then I add water or broth until I have the amount called for and pour it into my cooking pot. The rice soaks up the nutritious water while cooking. Or it becomes part of the soup's broth.

These pictures show the water left from collard greens - it probably tastes strongly by itself, but when mixed with the water from other veggies (broccoli, corn, spinach, etc.) it isn't noticeable.


Amy said...

great idea-I also use my veggie rich water for my plants-getting those great nutrients back in to grow new ones.

Wood said...

I like this idea!