Tuesday, May 11, 2010

An expansion in our recycling services

I am so excited. Our county is expanding its recycling services! Some time in the next month we will get a new green rollout cart for our recyclables. Starting the first week of July, a truck will come to pick up those recyclables every other week.

Here's the best part (copied from the info website):

With the improved Recycle It! Program, you'll be able to recycle more items. In addition to the materials currently accepted in the recycling program, the City will begin accepting aerosol cans and all plastics except No. 6 in the recycling carts.

The following items will be accepted in the improved Recycle It! Program:

    • Aerosol cans NEW!
    • Aluminum
    • Cardboard
    • Glass
    • Juice boxes NEW!
    • Milk and juice cartons NEW!
    • Paper
    • Plastics 1-5 & 7 NEW!
    • Spiral paper cans
    • Steel cans
I have been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to recycle more of those pesky plastics. No more yogurt containers in the trash! And we drink a lot of milk and orange juice from cartons, so it will be nice to send those in for recycling, too. Go Mecklenburg County, North Carolina!!

Reminder: According to state law, plastic numbers 1 and 2 and aluminum should always be recycled and never discarded in the garbage.


Diane said...

Wow, I wish Spokane would get on that bandwagon! Do they take cereal boxes, too? At this rate, with your composting and all, you'll have hardly anything to put in the regular trash!

Frances said...

Oh yes, cereal boxes are definitely recyclable here. They take all kinds of cardboard (unless it has food particles on it, so pizza boxes are a no-go).

We might be able to get away with a smaller kitchen trash can, but I'm afraid Teresa would get into it more if it were at her level. :)

WOOD said...

I am so happy about this too! I was also going to post about it b/c I have some family outside of Charlotte who will definitely appreciate it!