Thursday, May 27, 2010

Honey Do lists work

So the day before he went back to work for 3 days straight, David asked me to make him a "honey do" list. I wrote down about 7 things, one of which was "look for camera and/or start making replacement plans." After a brief post-lunch rest, David PLOWED through that list. He was amazing. When he started the camera search, he decided to look in the hall closet. Therein hung his winter coat, which is certainly too warm for these days in Charlotte but not too warm for a cold night camping...the last time he wore it was in Virginia. Guess what he found in the pocket?

Our camera is back!!

Here are some pictures from the camping trip:

Hanging out with Aunt Shannon

Running away from Aunt Katy

Sampling camp food with Aunt Jenny

Riding with Papa for a hike

Snoozing in the tent

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Diane said...

Thank you St Anthony! Great photos!