Thursday, May 20, 2010

Missa Cantata slideshow

David trains the altar servers for the Latin Mass at our parish. He also serves as the Master of Ceremonies for the sung Mass, the Missa Cantata, when our pastor offers it a couple times a year. A photographer from our diocesan newspaper captured some great images of the last Missa Cantata, which celebrated the Ascension of the Lord one week ago today. It's currently playing as a sideshow on our diocesan website. I'll post it below as well - hopefully this video will remain after they remove it from the diocesan website main page.

The background singing is the schola. Don't you just love seeing the boys serving so reverently together?! And I'm very proud of my husband, who pretty much "runs the show" but deflects any praise that comes his way. He works so hard to put it together (as does the awesome schola) and everyone who enjoys attending and participating in the Missa Cantata is grateful.


Robina said...

So beautiful. I need to keep up with your parish's schedule more often so I know of these events. Thanks for sharing. Oh and if you remeber tell me next time they have this mass. I would love to go.

David said...

Any praise I get should go to God, without whom there would be no reason to have the Mass. Without Fr. Reid, the ExtraOrdinary Use at St. Ann's would not exist. Without all of the servers, the reverence of the Missa Cantata would be lost. Without the Schola and Terese Rowe, there would be no professional quality Sacred Music. I am just a small piece. Eventually I won't need to be in the Sanctuary at all. It is fun, though.