Saturday, May 1, 2010

Little bean

Teresa, that is. For the record, we took her to the doctor's office for a growth checkup this week. She was able to stand solo on the big scale this time - all 18 pounds of her. That means she's still in the 1st percentile for weight. But she IS growing, and this is the period (initial mobility) when little ones tend not to grow as much because they're burning so much energy learning to move. Our nurse practitioner told us she is no longer concerned.

Thanks be to God! I was dreading the possibility of having to take Teresa back to the gastroenterologist. But no, we just need to keep trying to stuff her face with all kinds of fatty things. :)

Age: 14.5 months
Weight: 18 lbs (1%)
Height: 30 in (45%)
Head: 18 cm (50%)


WOOD said...

You mention how little ones do not grow as much/as fast when they start walking and what not. Joseph has always been a lean baby/child too (maybe 25th percentile.) And when he was around 22 months I took him to the doctor when he was sick. He hadn't been to the doctor since he was maybe 15 months and I was shocked to find out on that day that he had actually LOST weight! (a few pounds) My heart dropped for a moment, because I was sure that must be a bad thing, but the NP assured me that it does happen and it was not something to be worried about. She indicated that it was more likely with breastfeeding children. So hopefully that doesn't happen with Teresa, but just thought I'd share the experience so that you already know it can be a normal occurence in a young child's life.

Diana said...

Yay, Teresa!
Frances I was wondering something. Since she is able to stand on the scale, did they measured her height standing of lying down?

Frances said...

Diana: They did measure her height standing up. It was difficult to get a completely accurate read because she was not willing to stand still, but the nurse took a quick measure and called it good. :)

Katherine T. Lauer said...

Teresa is such a darling little peanut! But you and David are both petite people, so I think it's her genetics. I remember John's growth totally slowed and even dropped in his second year. Mary also has been paused at 25 pounds for three to four months now.

Anonymous said...
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Jennifer said...

I love reading your blog because T is about the same age as my dd, V. My dd is also very lean and tiny. She's built just like T. My dd nurses and eats ALL day, is right on track developmentally, so I am not worried. I'm glad your pediatrician put you in the clear.