Thursday, May 20, 2010


I would like to post some updates but I am somewhat stymied by the loss of our camera. It wandered off somewhere between Hungry Mother State Park in Virginia (where we camped with family two weekends ago) and our home in Charlotte. Is it in the woods? In the little country church where we stopped for Sunday Mass before we returned to North Carolina? In the Subway where we grabbed a quick lunch? Or here in our house, packed away with camping gear?

We just don't know, and I am very sad. All those nice pictures from the camping adventure, and now all these recent photo opportunities missed. We have not yet decided how to proceed (search again? buy a nice new camera (dipping into savings)? buy the cheapest camera that will do the job?).


WOOD said...

Fortunately with technology being what it is, I think one can get a pretty "good" camera for not "a lot" of money. Of course, these terms are somewhat relative, but if you do decide to get a new one, there's probably a satisfactory middle-of-the-road option that won't break the bank and will have the features that you want. :)
So sorry to hear that you lost yours, that is very troubling!

Katherine T. Lauer said...

Oh, how frustrating!